Cross Stitch Rules & FAQ-TBR

The News

 Mar 4, 2015.  So I have officially started a very slow decline of selling beads on the site.  Meaning that I am at least not jumping on every chance to expand them, and slowly getting rid of inventory.  It will take quite a while to do, at this rate.  That frees up some space to add finished work, as it becomes available. 

 My other concern, though, is that I am not really getting new stitchers onboard.  I'm pretty sure this venture doesn't really take off without some group participation; as busy as I am with the business end of things, and not stitching as much as I would like.  I don't know what I need to be doing to get more active in the stitching circle, behind the scenes.  Again, it can't all be with my work and examples; I can't get them done all that fast.  If this is by a chicken and egg situation, I won't have a lot to show for a while, and that's a bit discouraging.  Trying to think on a few ways to get some to more readily take the plunge. 


 Nov 22, 2014.  I waited a while, since, as usual, things got a little skewed.  The ad copy took forever to get done.  I do believe that it finally got done and published, in the last month+.  I don't know for sure, right now, with all the frustration of getting it done, since I have also moved.  (So I can't go by and see it!)  I have moved twice, and it looks like things are settling down, after a lot of changes.  I have not had much time to stitch, with all of these changes.  But I am starting to hunker down and get more serious.  The online site has still been consistently filled with new beads and such.  I hope that at the beginning of the year, I will be able to start listing more of the cross stitch items. This is still a great time to get started and be in at the beginning!


 Jan 10, 2014.  Now I finally have some real news.  It's actually a little sooner than I expected.  I thought I had a little more time, with personal and circumstantial issues, to hang out a bit longer without hard deadlines.  That has changed!!  I had an opportunity that I just couldn't pass up, for (local) "permanent" advertising. This is inside a restaurant that caters very much to older retired type couples.  I signed the contract yesterday, and working on the ad copy---and the production of the ad will start asap, in about a month. Very excited to finally make some real progress forward.  Based on initial stock and rejuvenating efforts, things have been doing nicely to start garnishing attention.  I'm just now in a pinch to have a decent web presence(at this point, will mostly be ebay and Facebook), and to get finished product rolled out.  I was able to get some other craft related inventory stocked to get some fullness, well rounded traffic while trying to get projects finished, which is great.  But I am still lacking a selection of finished items that I would like to see, for an initial roll out. This also cancels the move plans, and I am on the fence for any flea market work right now.  I need stitchers.  This is the time to get on board if you've been hemming and hawing.


Aug 31, 2013.  Ok, I hate it when people say they've been away so long, but oops, I didn't realize it had quite been this long.  A few inquiries have stepped up, and there is news, so I thought I'd share it.  First off, yes, the basics of the site did go live last November, but it has been mostly at a standstill, with not much in finished work even close to being ready.  I'm debating on what to do with that website, since it will be due to renew; it's a little more expensive than I'd like right now. 

Other news, medically I am doing much better, but I am not ever going to be back to my old self(good and bad news in that!).  And I've been in the midst of totally reconstructing my personal life.  Ah well.  Which also means I am looking at moving, to a better part of the country for me, out west.  So the business will move with me.  And I should have nearly all my time to devote to the business as required.

I have also thought that it's about time to think about selling in person.  I'd like to check out a routine flea market type atmosphere.  (If I don't move, there is an indoor one here, smallish but steady.)  So, that would come with the move, I expect right now in the late spring. I'm looking at a large outdoor, covered/shaded, weekend market.  So that is every weekend to work the market, and the rest of the week to prep and stitch. That means, I am still in serious need of some active stitchers, NOW, and stitchers that will concentrate on things like the alphabet, zodiac and Christmas.


Nov 2, 2012.  The site still hasn't gone live, but it's about to!  Yay!  i have spent such serious time down medically, that I just couldn't think about launching the site, much less stitch, or handle the other related admin work.  I expect to have the bare bones structure of the site finished this weekend and live.


Apr 2, 2012.  If anyone noticed as yet, the site hasn't gone live yet.  Pushed back to June 1, but still subject to change.  Medical events have been severe and everything has been at a standstill. 


 Jan 29, 2012.  Just an update that the live site has been moved out to at least April 1. After a medical emergency that still lingers, I'm way behind.


Oct 09, 2011.  There won't be a lot posted here, but this should give you an idea of progress.  Currently looking for advanced cross stitchers. Something like a model stitcher. Large charts that can take a year or more normally, must not scare you. No partial stitches, beads, or backstitching, but specialty sparkly braid is used quite often. The pay is "really low", but if you love to stitch, I don't see that scaring you off either. You can send a message on the Contact form, or on yahoo, artistsforhire.