Cross Stitch Rules & FAQ-TBR

Rules/ FAQ

Welcome!  This page is extremely important for anyone interested in cross stitching for me.  Please refer back to it as necessary--send me a message if you have ANY questions! (The designs will be similar to the image seen here, but it is NOT one of the ones available.)

 RULES/INFO(last updated Nov 2, 2012)

1.  I am assuming you are familiar with Heaven and Earth Designs(HAED), and sites that chart work similar to it.  I will have main categories of special charts, mostly only HAED, offered for sale.  While I do have a "misc" category, it's really not to be used as a mainstream section--something in the other categories needs to be stitched first. 

2.  The main categories currently are: 

  •    Fairies, Mermaids, People
  •    Dragons, Witches, Mythical Beasts
  •    Animals
  •    Holidays, Patriotic, Seasonal
  •    Seven Sins, Religious
  •    Monogram, Birthstone, Zodiac
  •    Anime, Cartoon
  •    Romance, Parenthood
  •    Adult Themes
  •    Misc.
  •    Quicker Stitches
  •    WIPS

 3.  Other than the misc, there are NO other regular categories.  If you want to stitch with an opportunity to get paid, with me, you need to be able to work something above the Misc series.  I may add to the above section from time to time, only if it falls in theme. 

 4.  All fabric will be white, bright white evenweave unless stated there is leeway. Color and fabric must be consistent and accurately reported.  Not cream, salt, antique white, ivory, etc.  18ct aida for the Alphabet, just as recommended, 2x1 full cross; and the QS Birthstones, as well as the Birthstone Collection.  The rest are 28ct evenweave, Monaco. 1x1 full cross.  Charles Craft, and MCG Textiles usually has these fabrics prepackaged in most craft stores.  Be careful when ordering larger amounts online in bulk--bright white.  If it happens to be an SK in the Holiday section, it can be either 18ct or 22ct, 2 strands.   QS Motherhood has a range of colors I've picked.

5.  Please use the smaller needles, 26 or 28.  I do not mind if you use Thread Heaven, just keep it clean.  That also goes for pet hair, smoke, dirt, food, odd threads, markers, grease smudges.  CLEAN!

 6.  You will be responsible for obtaining and maintaining your own supplies.  If you need help with something in particular, I may be able to get it for you.  I can get charts wholesale from HAED and GK.  There will be no chart "sharing".  You may buy your own charts(my understanding is that you may reuse it, with HAED ones), or you may purchase them through me.  Any charts you get from me will be hard copy original charts, and for you to keep.

 7.  The charts will be stitched otherwise exactly as charted. All full crosses.  All sparkly threads stitched.  Sparkly thread should be DMC E5200, Pearlescent Light Effects only. It's in most craft stores, more readily available than Kreinik #4 braid.  A little easier to work with, and more of a true white sheen.  3 strands for 18ct (2 for 22ct for SK), & 25, 28ct is one single strand. 

 8.  I will give more solid timeframes for completion as things move forward.  Please be sure you have a SIGNIFICANT amount of time available to stitch, if you take on a project that has been requested, not simply in pre order status.  Right now, expected timeframes are 1 month for the Alphabet(per letter), 3-6 months for QS or Smalls, Minis, and 1-2 years for full size.  If you take on a full size project, remember that will take near daily dedication to stitching for several hours, still.

 9.  Backs and fronts need to be neat.  I would like for you to gently wash and press before any photo taking, or mailing.  Backs, please keep in mind that this is not a project for yourself.  No long trailing or traveling threads, or knots. Clip close to the end of the thread once secured.  Tuck under all loose threads, especially on the ending RIGHT edges, and all other edges.  I do expect customers to want to frame these---all those threads will show!!  **The front, NO FINISHING BY SQUARE, COLUMN, or PAGE only.**  No visible indications of any stitching methods to keep your place.  You must be able to "cross country"  or stagger stitches at least enough to keep the thread texture from having gaps from starting and stopping in the same place, as you move down or across.

 10. You may photograph your finished work(front and a section of back) yourself, preferred actually.  I will need progress pictures as it is, so please be sure you are able to take them for at least that.  These could be photos that will be published.  I only need FrayCheck on the edges(reapply if you have washed the finished stitching, just before sending out), you may protect the edges any way you like, however.  If you are participating in any other Reward program, that is your responsibility for pictures and submissions.

11.   All finished pieces will be mailed to me, you should include insurance.  Do not crease; use tubes or be able to roll it without folding.  All pieces will be inspected for completeness and cleanliness--it is not accepted until I have seen it and passed it!!  Anything that doesn't pass, I will pay postage to return, or perhaps assist listing elsewhere, like an auction site.

12.  Finished pieces from pre order status will be listed on my website as soon as possible, may take a few days.  You will be paid once it sells.  If it was a commissioned, requested piece, you will be paid after the transaction completes, might be once I mail it out to the customer, in the payment cycle for stitchers. 

13.  Pay.  Once a piece has been sold, a payment will be generated to you within 32 days.  Checks, Paypal, etc work for me.  Pay right now is approximately .003 per stitch, plus a few dollars for supplies used($20-$50 average).  Pay cannot be generated without an accurate stitch count.

14.  You are not an employee. Think of yourself as an independent model stitcher.  Taxes are your responsibility.  If you make more than a few hundred dollars in a year, I may need your SSN to record your payments officially.  You will be required to electronically acknowledge a more formal contract, conditions of working, before acceptance of any piece.

15.  I expect some measure of decency. Privacy, respect, whatever you want to call it.  All stitchers will only be referred to by a code on the website or any other selling venue.  Questions may be published here anonymously through me.  While I understand it's a small world, anyone blatantly trying to circumvent the rules, contacting customers, badmouthing, or general disruption, will not be allowed to stay.



Ok, so why are you doing this? 

I love to stitch, and I think these kinds of hand art are becoming rarer.  I do believe these more personalized series are something that will sell. No reason for all this hard work to sit in the drawer, especially as a group effort.

And who are you?

Well, I'm a private person.  My personal life will stay that way.  Cindy Miller, lifelong crafter of nearly all kinds, especially beading, and was a model stitcher. Not employed at anything else; also use some auction sites for crafty stuff. Live in DFW, TX currently, and discovered HAED a few years ago.  I do not want to publish the website here, no crossing if possible.

 Ok, I've seen the website(once it's up), why so simple etc?

I'd like to spend my time stitching, too!  At least a lot of it.  There is plenty on the site, no reason to clutter it.

 I don't understand the Pre Order thing really.

I would like to display everything that can be made, readily.  Customers need to see it.  The image is there, but I don't expect finished pieces to be ready that fast. Overall, this is a long term thing.  Customers will either want to buy, based on the image, or hoping to see one ready(photos loaded when it is), or at least to look at and think about, including the price tag. And the customer will be doing their own framing, that can become expensive; the easiest way to have them interested, is to at least see the image immediately.

 The pay is really low! Really.  How do you expect anyone to stitch for that?

I expect to have stitchers that LOVE these designs. They might stitch these anyway.  It's not a enough to live on, at this point, but to get paid for it, is a dream.  I'd like to leave room for the economy to improve, or even give some bonuses to stitchers that produce and sell on a consistent basis.

What if I don't like these designs, or they are just too big?

Stitching for me probably won't work then. I want these fantastic, contemporary, full coverage pieces. If it's worth doing at all, then do it well. It's not a race, particularly, at least not for any of you.

But I want to stitch for pay.  Can't I do something in the Misc Category?

Not really.  The Misc category, besides being a spot for me to experiment in, and at least have a sure spot to place something new, is a very constricted category.  Maybe for a piece that wasn't done exactly to specs, or a small SK, or a different type piece altogether.  It's not a dump all for angels and primitive whimsy whatnot.  Not many pieces will be added there at a time, after launching the site and rotation. Each stitcher will be required to submit a piece in the regular Series categories before being able to have a piece shown in the Misc category. There are pieces and charts from other manufacturers that are wothwhile, so this is a small space for that.  Other pieces may be more suited for an auction or other fixed type listing---not on this site.

 Is it always going to be just a website?

For now, and for at least a while.  I don't look forward to doing any kind of shows, but I might, as I get a decent stock of finished pieces.  I would like to have a retail storefront, but that is a LOT more work and effort. We'll see.